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serVm - 100% Terpenes and Terpenoids *NEW*

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serVm: The first and most concentrated flavorless liquefying product designed specifically for unwinterized concentrates like rosin, crumble, wax, etc. Ingredients:100% terpenes and terpenoids. 


Now Available: For the month of May we will be including a free mixing vial, a blunt-tip syringe, an empty cartridge as well as an additional surprise gift with the purchase of this product. Mixing is very simple: add 7 drops per 1 gram of extact and bake the contents for a full 30 minutes at 240F without removing from oven. We still classify this product as an intermediate level product to use as it requires more attention to details regarding mixing steps, cartridge types, and precise ratios.


serVm (pronounced “Serum”) is a project that has been our behind-the-scenes focus for years now and we are proud to finally offer it to our customers. serVm is truly the first of its kind as it is the most concentrated and most versatile liquefying agent to hit shelves. We developed serVm as a specialized flavorless liquefier, specifically designed to work with rosin and unwinterized extracts like waxes, crumble, and live resin. Rosin especially is notoriously difficult to convert into an oil that does not clog or separate. This product is ideal for those that only want to use terpenes and do not want to dilute their oil at all.

This version does exceptionally well with concentrates containing lipids ands waxes as it will keep the oil perfectly mixed without any clogged or burnt coils. What makes this product different is this all happens with hands down the least amount of diluent you can, making it the purest option for oil-making. NO PG, VG, PEG, or MCT-- just terps.



“Why can’t I just use any terps for this? What makes Servm different than your other products?”

A common misconception is that all terpenes will work the same way in a cartridge. What makes these terpenes different is their ability to take plant impurities and keep them in a viscous oil solution that prevents them from clogging or separating. Other terpenes simply do not have this same effects a liquefying product, and other terpenes also are going to dramatically impact the flavor. There are actually tens of thousands of known terpenes found in nature and they all have very unique chemical properties. This is part of the reason why we choose to keep our terpene selections proprietary— we’ve invested years combing through this never ending list of terpenes and terpenoids. Not only that, we specifically did this with a focus on which terpenes have the most understanding in regards to human consumption. Of course, like all additives, there are no studies on the safety of inhaling any vape oil products but we take pride in the fact that our formulas have been selected solely using ingredients that have some of the lowest level classified health hazards and are otherwise widely recognized as safe for humans. Please look over our safety data sheets for more information regarding the exposure limits and recommended uses as a diluent or reach out to our team directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

Disclaimer for Proper Use with Rosin: We have not yet established an upper limit for lipid content, so as a general disclaimer please be advised that there will naturally be some concentrates that will not perform well with this mixture. For rosin producers, certain measures should be taken during your press to best set you up for success. 

Anecdotally, pressing at a temperature no higher than 180F with no larger than a 90 micron bag have yielded consistently favorable results without ever needing to winterize. Darker rosins higher in chlorophyll and plant fats are not going to yield the results you are looking for in this application.  Press for a lighter color with minimal plant impurities for the extract you intend on using for your cartridges. You can always repress the material using your own preferred parameters to get the rest of your yield but it’s best to save that for uses other than cartridges .

With that said, always start with a small batch when using any new concentrate type or ratio. While most concentrates do well with  5-7 drops per gram (using the small dropper dropper provided for free with this product), some may need one or two more to ensure proper absorption by the cartridge’s internal heating coil. If measuring with a syringe, it is recommended that you use just a pinch over 0.10ml per 1 gram to account for the little bit of liquid lost during transfer and mixing. Lastly, the number one mistake that people can make during the heating process is taking the jar out too frequently to stir, cutting the 30 minute time to short, or trying to use temperatures lower than the recommended 240F (in the oven). Insufficient heat during the serVm mixing process is almost guaranteed to crystallize and/or clog  


Safety Data Sheet 

With such finely selected ingredients, the terpenes and terpenoids used in SERVM create the most concentrated concentrate liquidizer product on the market. A tiny 2ML bottle of SERVM is enough for roughly 20 grams of concentrate. This product was designed to create the purest, highest potency oil you possibly can mask that still tastes like fresh flower. Other diluents/terpenes are not currently recommended when using this product however we will soon be launching a high viscosity diluent that will be building off of the serVm line. The efficacy of this product on waxes, rosins, and crumble may or may not decline if mixed with other flavoring ingredients or diluents.

**20 Gram Equivalent: 2ML bottle is a sufficient supply for 20 grams of extract.