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*Best Value* Distillate Terpene Multi-Flavor 4-Pack (8ML Total)

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Includes 2ML bottle of 4 different strain-specific terpene profiles (8ML total). Profiles will vary regularly based off of our averaged best sellers and new product launches. Each profile that we select is specifically chosen to reflect very different terpene profiles to help find your favorites!  Due to the high demand for this product offering, similar strain substitutions may occur. This week’s four profiles included:

Granddaddy Purple *NEW* - A true classic that we did not want to release until it was just right, GDP encompasses that unmistakable purple skunky aroma. Distillate terp staff pick.

Sour Alien- Sour citrus flavor with diesel undertones. The main terpenes added to this profile include: myrcene, terpinolene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene with nuances of pinenes, linalool, valencene, ocimene, sabinene, and many more. Has a very uplifting tropical note with a sour twist.

Wedding Cake - This profile has a mild gassy funk up front that is overtaken by an almost sweet aftertaste. High in beta-caryophyllene and myrcene

East Coast Sour Diesel - Something of a “new and improved” variation of our former “Sour D” terps, ECSD packs a lot more of that “dank” note that our customers are after. ECSD comes in skunky up front with a sour, almost citrusy aftertaste.


Disclaimer: Contain no psychoactive components. Terpene isolates are derived from plant and fruits.


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