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Pure Starter Kit: Convert Isolate Powder to Oil

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This kit is a quick and beginner-friendly solution for anyone looking to convert their isolate powder or raw distillate into a smooth, honey-like oil with the exact flavor and potency that they choose. This kit uses our “PURE” diluent product as the carrier which is sufficient for over a half ounce of isolate! We put together this easy-to-use starter kit to make high quality cartridges more affordable for those in need. 


This kit inckudes:

(1) 1/4 Ounce bottle of PURE Thickener (unflavored)

(5)  Ceramic Coil Carts (1ML)

(1) 2ML bottle of your choosing of concentrated terpenes (for flavor and effect) 

(1) Glass Vial to mix your oil in

(1) Micro Dropper to add a couple droplets of terpenes

(1) Blunt-tip, lab-grade syringe (for transferring finished oil to your cartridge)

 (1) Surprise Bonus Flavor (so you can enjoy a variety of flavors!) *Limited Time Sale*

The Dropdown Menu allows you to select which terpene profile/flavor you would like to come with your kit. We are currently working to populate the site to better represent the benefits that each profile has to offer.  


Making the oil could not be easier— for every 1 gram of isolate you would add a half gram of PURE (roughly 0.5ml/half filled syringe). You are welcome to use more PURE in as high as a 1:1 ratio if you would like to make it less concentrated or to stretch out the use of your oil to save some extra money. Heat the two together in the provide mixing jar until the isolate powder completely dissolved into the solution. We recommend doing this in an oven at roughly 200F however you can utilize other methods as isolate mixes extremely easily with our product.


Lastly, the finishing touch. Add just a few drops using the small dropper we’ve provided of the terps to create an enhanced flavor and effect. This is the only step that you can really mess things up as it’s important to never go overboard with anything high in terpenes. 3-4 drops per gram is a safe starting point.  This amount is not going to be too bitter or overbearing, however everyone is entitled to their own individual preferences here. It is best to heat the mixture for another 5 minutes or so to let the flavor fully dissipate into your oil. After that you are all set to transfer your oil into your empty cartridge!


Bonus Tips: