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SALE: PURE - Thick Oil Diluting Agent

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Product Summary:


  • Thickest diluent on the market. 
  • Ideal for further diluting your distillate or liquefied oils made with our Liquefy or SERVM products to better control potency.
  • No special instructions necessary, use as little as 10% to 50% without a significant loss in viscosity. Add at any time during regular mixing— all you need is heat. 
  • This product also doubles up as a phenomenal carrier for CBD isolate. It will convert your isolate powder into a light gold oil with the same thick consistency as distillate. Very flexible ratios make it easy as can be to mix, even for beginners. You may also add a couple drops of our distillate or Candy terps for added flavor. Please be aware that if adding other terpene products that it will affect the viscosity of your oil if used in excess.
  • Composed of an antioxidant and terpene blend that is ideal for smoothing out oils that are too potent or too strongly flavored for individual preference. This diluent is unique in the sense that it will actually reduce harshness.

    With our great success in the serVm and Liquefy products, we will be introducing a 3rd diluent product line: Pure Thickener. Using one of our widely-renowned flavorless terpene bases to ensure a perfectly mixed oil, Pure is the thickest and most versatile diluent on the market. Pure makes your oil smoother and easier on the inhale with profound antioxidant properties. This product will maintain the same consistency as distillate so it is best used as an add-on to serVm or Liquefy for solid concentrates or to dilute the potency of your distillate so you don’t go through it as quickly.  

serVm emulsifies, Liquefy thins, and Pure dilutes. We formulated this product to build off of our recent serVm product line as well as create a smooth and flexible FLAVORLESS diluent option for distillates and liquefied oils. This product gives you full control over every aspect: the potency, viscosity, and now the number of cartridges you can fill with your oil.  This type of versatility makes it an excellent tool to have in your cartridge-making supplies. Not only can it limit how quickly you go through your cartridges, but it can also serve as an excellent remediation tool for oils that came out too strong tasting for your liking. There's no special method to using this product as it easily mixes with all of our other products using nothing more than heat. Simply add as much as you would like to reach your desired yield and heat it at roughly 200F. This can be combined with your Liquefy, serVm, or distillate and flavored terps to create the desired potency as well as volume of oil you are looking for. The terpenes in this formula not only prevent your oil from ever getting too thick (to the point of clogging), but they also ensure that everything stays perfectly mixed regardless of the amount you choose to add. Due to its mild solvency, PURE is an outstanding carrier for CBD isolate carts as it can be easily mixed in a 1:1 ratio to create a smooth distillate-consistency oil.


 Safety Concerns:


With the widespread concern over the health risks associated with vape additives, we are pleased to announce that we have the only diluent on the market with ingredients that have been clinically researched to actually improve lung health. Yes, you read that correctly.


While many additives are known to cause severe irritation and coughing, this product is composed entirely of high viscosity odorless terpenes and antioxidants with well-researched health benefits. We carefully selected terpenes that have been widely researched for their powerful antioxidant capabilities. The only non-terpene ingredient in this product is simply a unique derivative of Vitamin E which is a widely-understood antioxidant in the food and drug industry that in this application helps to prevent the darkening of oil caused by oxidation. That's really all there is to it. No top secret tech or anything to hide.  No PG, no VG, no MCT, no PEG— just terps and vitamins. 


On that note, the other big issue with other diluent products on the market is that they separate, discolor (blacken), ruin the taste, and more often than not cause all of the above. Creating a well-mixed oil has always been our edge in this market and the formulation of terpenes we’ve incorporated into this product are designed to keep your mixture from ever separating regardless of the amount you choose to use. We use a propriety formula that maintains specific ratios of low-odor terpenes for improved solvency to ensure you do not encounter issues with your oil separating or turning black over time. See Safety Data sheets for details. We specifically formulated this product to only contain nonhazardous ingredient to ensure a safe and easy solution for our customers. 


Ingredients: Proprietary formula composed exclusively of terpenes and tocopheryl acetate (antioxidant).


Please contact Sales@MassTerpenes.com to inquire about wholesale and bulk opportunites for this product. We are happy to offer this product in bulk trays for individual retail sales. Dispensaries and licensed producers are encouraged to speak with our sales manager to best assess individual needs. An ingredient breakdown will be provided upon request for licensed producers to ensure full transparency and enable our commercial clients to make their most informed decisions on the ingredients they choose to put in their products.