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Neutralize Flavor/Potency - C8/C10 Triglyceride Diluent (MCT)

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Have you found cartridges to be too strongly flavored, harsh, or irritating on the inhale? Perhaps you’re new to oil pens and they’re too strong or overwhelming, or you’re just trying to budget better to limit your personal consumption. Further diluting the potency and/or flavor with a neutral diluent may be something to consider. While Liquefy™️ best serves to liquefy a concentrate using the smallest amount possible, this can be also be added to the mixture in flexible amounts for those looking for a milder potency or smoother flavor. 


Many of us are familiar with fractionated coconut oil, or “medium chain triglycerides.” Abbreviated as “MCT”, these oils have been used for decades in the food and drug industry as pharmaceutical excipients, cosmetics, and flavor carriers for foods. This particular product is sourced directly from a pharmaceutical supply company and is composed of the highest quality C8 and C10 triglycerides. While MCT oil is typically composed of C6- C12 triglycerides with remnants of other plant impurities, this version has been further refined to a pharmaceutical grade purity for optimal solubility and versatility. We have chosen to offer this product to serve as a highly versatile all-purpose diluent and/or liquidizer that can be offered at a much lower cost than our terpene-infused liquidizers like Liquefy™️.

This product differs from more common food-grade MCT oil products as it is truly flavorless by nature. Many users will incorporate this product in conjunction with their Liquefy or terpenes to smooth out the flavor and/or reduce throat irritation for those more sensitive to terpenes and other flavor concentrates. Likewise, this formula maintains a neutral viscosity so it can be used in higher amounts for those trying to reduce the potency or amount they consume. 


Unlike most dietary MCT oil products, this is composed exclusively of C8 and C10 triglycerides and no long chain fatty acids. This level of purity is crucial for diluents as longer chain fatty acids pose much higher health risks in this context due to the body’s inability to readily absorb them. Additionally, the tightly controlled manufacturing process and use of highest quality materials yields the cleanest end product from a microbial standpoint.