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***LIQUEFY*** 5ML Bottles (All-Purpose Terpene/Liquidizer)

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One single 5ML bottle liquefies roughly 10 grams concentrate. Highly concentrated formula allows for no unneeded additives or impurities- just a smooth, strong, professional-grade oil. 

  1. Typically used with 0.5ml per 1gm extract for a smooth, subtle-flavored oil for first time users. Some extracts can get away with less than half of this amount so we encourage our cudtomers to utilize the lowest amount necessary for their material to get the most value out of our products and purest oil possible. 
  2. Liquefy™️ Is composed of a proprietary formulation of terpenes, flavorless terpenes, esters, and flavor for the best and most natural tasting results. No separation, no blackening, no nasty additives and no complicated mixing process. Liquefy is a liquidizer that makes converting any extract into a smooth, quality oil easier than ever.

Mixing instructions are provided automatically by email. Always be sure to use sufficient heat (roughly 220F) when mixing to obtain desired results  

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 Disclaimer: Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when handling any terpene-based products as they can cause irritation from direct contact. Select profiles will incorporate added oil-based flavor to enhance the taste and overall experience. Contains natural and artificial flavors. Keep out of reach of children. Thoroughly shake contents immediately before using as separation can occur before being used. CONTAINS NO THC OR CBD. Flavor/fragrance products are flammable and should be handled with caution by professionals.