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100% Terpene “Flavorless” Blend - Thickening Agent (Advanced Users Only)

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100% Terpenes, 100% plant-derived 


Although terpenes are widely understood as the flavorful and aromatic essential oils found in plants, some terpenes in nature are so subtle that they can serve as a flavor neutral diluent. One of the most commonly used terpenes in this context is a derivative of bisabolol, which exhibits a very faint floral aroma when smelled up close. Although these terpenes are not truly flavorless in their raw form, when incorporated as an additive in small percentages they have little-to-no effect on the taste alongside other terpenes. The benefit to using low-odor or “flavorless” terpenes” is due to their natural ability to mix so perfectly with extracts. Terpenes control the viscosity of oils without blackening, discoloring, or separating unlike other diluents are known to cause  

This terpene blend is intended to function as both a liquidizer and diluent that actually thickens up your oil. Unlike our other listings, this product is composed exclusively of terpenes and is ideal for those looking to avoid any other flavor carriers or non-terpene components. We separated this item as a stand-alone from out Liquefy product line for those who exclusively wanted to use terpenes. This item is also commonly used to fine tune flavor intensity and/or viscosity. The number one disclaimer here is that for those looking to use terpenes and terpenes only is that you must use the proper extract type to achieve desired results. This item is only recommended as a stand-alone liquidizer with experienced users as these terpenes can and will conflict with specific plant impurities if used with the improper extract type. Users must fully decarboxyate and winterize their extract into solution with this product to ensure desired results. Failure to remove plant lipids and waxes prior to use will result in separation and/or clogging.  

For those looking for a liquefying product that both dilutes and thins their oil, consider the separate item Liquefy™️. Liquefy™️ on the other hand can be used in more flexible ratios and also works universally with a wider range of concentrates.  Liquefy™️ is highly recommended over this item with other extract types or first timers as it features a wider array of terpenes and esters allowing for more complex flavor profiles and better emulsification properties. As with any terpenes and diluents, it is always essential to use the minimum amount needed to reach the desired consistency. Additional product questions and concerns can be answered by emailing  

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. Terpenes should not be applied directly to the skin without diluting first. Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when handling any terpene-based products as they can cause irritation from direct contact. Thoroughly shake contents before measuring. Terpenes are volatile chemicals that should only be handled by trained individuals in well-ventilated environments.