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LIQUEFY™️ Your Extracts

Liquefy™️ Is a highly effective thinning product/ all-purpose liquidizer composed exclusively of all-natural terpenes and esters and is the best alternative on the market to medium chain triglycerides (MCT), propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and polyethylene glycol (PEG). Liquefy™️ is available in flavored and unflavored versions, with everything from sweet or fruity flavors to strain-specific terpene profiles with skunky or earthy aromas— and everything in between! A half milliliter per 1 gram of extract is a common starting point for new users, however less than half this amount can be used with many different extracts, making Liquefy™️ the most cost-effective and versatile of its kind  

 Liquefy™️ Flavorless is a proprietary formula with a complex makeup of virtually flavorless ingredients that make it the most effective tool for converting your favorite extracts into a smooth, perfectly mixed oil. With the recent controversy surrounding traditional liquidizer ingredients, we have hand-selected this proprietary formula of ingredients using ONLY ingredients that are already approved as food additives. Although there is not sufficient long term data to classify any terpene or flavoring ingredient as safe for inhalation, we have carefully selected this formula to only use ingredients with ample research in the food and drug industry. Liquefy™️ Is also one of the most concentrated liquefying products on the market, allowing for a highly concentrated and pure oil with truly minimal additives.


Liquefy™️ can easily be used as a stand-alone liquidizer with various concentrates as it works very well to cut through various plant impurities. The mixing process is as easy as it comes, complete with thorough heating instructions, ratios, and even mixing tools needed for your first batch. This product is also very commonly used as a diluent to adjust the viscosity and concentration to meet individual preferences with or without added terpenes/flavoring.